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UAE Doctor Credits Lowest Number of Covid-19 Cases In UAE To Vaccine Drive

UAE saw lowest number of Covid-19 cases during the first half of April this year. The same period has the most number of days with under 2,000 infected residents.

Comparatively, the first 14 days of April saw 28,051 new cases, which is much lower than registered in the same period of January at 35,147; February at 45,163; and March at 34,873.

There are also seven days during the period with under 2,000 cases:

April 6 - 1,988

April 7 - 1,883

April 9 - 1,875

April 10 - 1,931

April 11 - 1,810

April 12 - 1,928

April 14 - 1,798

“The number of cases in the UAE is steadily falling down because of an effective vaccination programme since December 2020 by the UAE government. The efficient and time-bound policies for PCR testing put forth by the regulatory bodies have helped in the early detection and isolation of positive cases, thus preventing any further spread of the virus. The regular and consistent communication from the health authorities on the public safety and awareness is yet another reason that has resulted in the decline of cases,” Dr. Dilip Kumar, specialist internal medicine, NMC Specialty Hospital-Al Ain, told Khaleej Times.

The overall Covid-19 data is shown below:

January - 95,787

February - 87,915

March - 69,920

Dr. Kumar said that with the advent of Ramadan, if the general public does not adhere to any safety or precautionary measures, the cases might spike one again.

“It becomes the duty of every citizen and resident to be highly responsible. People must avoid public gatherings, avoid conducting large Iftar gatherings, sharing of food with friends, family, and relatives also must be avoided. Safety guidelines while visiting a mosque for prayers must be followed. Being responsible during Ramadan reflects our obligation towards the safety of the community, most importantly the aged and people with co-morbid conditions,” he further added.


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