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UAE Drivers With Zero Traffic Fines In 3 years Receive TV Sets

In recognition of their exemplary driving record, the Abu Dhabi Police recently gifted 30 drivers in Al Ain with TV sets. The drivers had followed all traffic rules and regulations for a period of three years, without receiving a single traffic fine, not even a parking penalty.

The Ya Hafez initiative, which aims to motivate good drivers and promote positive behaviors that can help make roads safer, was carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police Happiness Patrol. The patrol spotted the drivers who had clean traffic records and surprised them with gifts earlier this month.

Col Matar Abdullah Al Muhairi, Director of Al Ain Traffic Department, congratulated the drivers for their achievement and stressed the importance of adhering to traffic laws in ensuring public safety and preventing tragic accidents.

The drivers expressed their pride as they received their gifts and emphasized the significance of following traffic rules in maintaining road safety.

The initiative was supported by Lt-Col Saeed Abdullah Al Kalbani, Head of the Al Ain Traffic Investigations Department, and Lt-Col Obaid Al Kaabi, Head of the Security Media Department in Al Ain Region.


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