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Uae Expat’s Wedding Dream About To Become A Reality After Winning AED1 Million in Mahzooz

Mahzooz has once again made dreams come true for a lucky participant. Vipin, an Indian expat residing in Abu Dhabi, has won the life-changing prize of AED1 million, catapulting his wedding plans into reality.

Vipin, who has been facing financial constraints, had been yearning to tie the knot but was unable to do so due to limited income. However, with this incredible win, he can now embark on a wedding extravaganza.

Working at a fire and safety company, Vipin became Mahzooz’s 44th millionaire on May 20, 2023, after winning the GUARANTEED Raffle prize.

The same draw also saw 1,645 other fortunate winners taking home a total of AED 1,601,500 in prize money, creating a wave of excitement among participants.

Vipin, who has been living in the UAE for less than two years, began participating in Mahzooz only four months ago, purchasing a minimum of 30 lines each time.

He has previously experienced a stroke of luck, winning AED 350 on his third attempt. This recent win, however, has surpassed all expectations, bringing immense joy to his life.

Expressing his elation, Vipin revealed that his first thought upon realizing he had won the raffle prize was his long-awaited wedding.

Wedding ceremonies can be extremely expensive, and Vipin’s newfound fortune will enable him to finally marry the person he loves. Overjoyed by the turn of events, he shared his excitement and gratitude for winning AED 1,000,000.

But Vipin’s generosity extends beyond his own happiness. He plans to surprise his elder brother with a new car, recognizing the support he has received throughout his life. Additionally, Vipin intends to invest in a small house in his hometown, ensuring a secure future for himself and his family.

Recalling the moment of his victory, Vipin fondly described the disbelief he initially experienced. Working his night shift, he received an email notification from Mahzooz upon reaching home and connecting to the Wi-Fi. Shocked and eager to confirm his win, he quickly checked his Mahzooz account on his mobile device. Even his fiancée, who resides in India, doubted the news until he showed her a screenshot of his Mahzooz account.


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