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UAE Gov’t Employees Who Get First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine Mandated To Take PCR Test

In the latest update by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), it noted that all government employees who are yet to receive the second and final dose of the Covid-19 vaccine are still mandated to get swabbed.

“Recipients of the first dose are required to have a Nasal Swab PCR every 7 days until they receive the second dose. They need to show evidence that they have taken both doses,” FAHR noted.

Meanwhile, those employees who were not inoculated with the vaccine need to be tested every seven days. Those who cannot take the vaccine must present a medical report or certificate approved by the official authorities indicating that they cannot receive the dose due to health or illness condition ‘so that the agency bears the cost of the PCR scan every 7 days.’

Employees of consulting firms and experts dealing with government agencies are also required to show the result of a Nasal Swab PCR for a period not exceeding three days or to show that they have been fully vaccinated.


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