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UAE Hailed 'Social Media Capital of the World'

UAE has been hailed the social media capital of the world, according to a recent study by Proxyrack, a company that provides proxies and residential VPN services.

The study highlights that the UAE has an impressive 9.55 out of 10 score for social media usage and engagement.

Notably, the country has the highest percentage of Facebook users, with over 100% of its population registered on the platform.

The UAE's Facebook presence is so substantial that there are more registered users in the country than there are residents.

People in the UAE have an average of 8.2 social media platforms, which is the third highest in the world, joint with the Philippines.

Following the UAE in the ranking are Malaysia and the Philippines, both scoring 8.75, Saudi Arabia (8.41), Singapore (7.96), Vietnam (7.62), Brazil (7.62), Thailand (7.61), Indonesia (7.5), and Hong Kong (7.27).

The study also determined the UAE to be the most connected country in the world, with a score of 7.53 out of 10.

This ranking placed the UAE ahead of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Argentina, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

However, in terms of best internet access, the UAE ranked fourth, trailing South Korea, Hong Kong, and Denmark.

UAE consumers spend an average of seven hours and 29 minutes per day on the internet, ranking 13th highest in the world.

South Africa leads the global list with an average daily internet usage of nine hours and 38 minutes.

The surge in internet usage both in the UAE and worldwide can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to more people working from home and businesses opting for virtual client interactions to save costs.


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