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UAE Has Enough Vaccine To Cover Entire Population, Top Official Confirmed

A UAE top official has confirmed that the country has enough vaccine against the coronavirus to be administered to the entire population.

According to the latest reports, the country has already administered 1.5 million doses of the vaccine as of Thursday at a rate of 15.45 per 100 people, a second-best data recorded globally.

“Vaccine is available at all centres. There is enough to vaccinate the entire population,” Dr. Walid Zaher, chief research officer and vaccine project leader, G42 Healthcare, said.

He added that the government has taken all measures to facilitate the distribution of free vaccines to the entire population by increasing the number of healthcare centres across the country.

“Everyone wants to take the vaccine. There is a physical restriction at the centres as they can handle only a limited number in a day. But the government and Seha (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company) have opened up every physical location possible to accommodate people coming to take the vaccine,” Dr. Zaher further added.

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