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UAE Now Uses Dogs To Detect Drugs And Explosives

In an effort to catch violators in UAE, authorities have resorted to using dogs and unique technology to sniff out drugs and explosive materials in shipments arriving in ports. In its initiative ‘RasCargo’, the Federal Customs Authority will use the highly-trained animals to detect smuggling bids in container, goods, dhows, engines, and vehicles.

Ali Said Al Neyadi, Chairman of the Federal Customs Authority, said the new and unique method combines modern technology, the human element, and the K9 dogs.

According to a WAM report, samples are collected, after which they are fed into filters connected to special rooms. Meanwhile, the dogs are then brought into the rooms to sniff the filters and detect the presence of illegal substances.

K9 dogs can examine between 20 to 30 samples per hour. This means that they can inspect between 160 to 240 shipments per day (eight hours of work).

“It optimizes inspection efficiency of incoming goods, shortens customs clearance times, protects the life of inspectors as well as customs dogs and helps curb smuggling,” Al Neyadi said.


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