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UAE petrol prices increase in July 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently announced a rise in petrol prices for the month of July 2023. This decision will affect the prices of Special 95, Super 98, and E-Plus gasoline, as well as diesel.

After a slight reduction in the previous month, the cost of refilling a petrol tank in the UAE is set to increase. The news of these changes in prices was shared through Emarat’s official Twitter account.

Throughout the year, petrol prices in the UAE have experienced fluctuations due to the dynamics of the global energy market. The Fuel Price Committee of the UAE convenes every month to determine whether petrol prices will go up or down.

In the earlier part of this year, petrol prices in the UAE witnessed a decline during January and February compared to the prices observed in November and December 2022. However, prices rose again in March and subsequently fell in April. May witnessed an increase in prices, while June saw a decrease.

Starting from July 1, the cost of filling up vehicles in the UAE will be as follows:

Special 95: AED2.89 per liter, up from AED2.84 in June. Super 98: AED3.00 per liter, up from AED2.95 in June. E-Plus: AED2.81 per liter, up from AED2.76 in June. Diesel: AED2.76 per liter, up from AED2.68 in June.

In 2020, the Fuel Price Committee imposed a freeze on petrol prices. However, these restrictions were lifted in March 2021 to align with the global surge in oil prices. It’s important to note that the cost of petrol is influenced by the overall trend of crude oil prices on a global scale.


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