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UAE Residents May Expect Four More Long Weekends This 2021

UAE residents may expect at least four long weekends before the year ends. The latest holiday would be next month, the Eid Al Adha celebration which is likely a six-day break from Monday, July 19 (the Day of Arafah) to Saturday, July 24. This would be the longest holiday break for residents this year.

The first long weekend was marked in May on the eve of Eid Al Fitr wherein residents had a five-day break from May 11 to May 15.

According to the Islamic calendar, a three-day-long break will come in August on the eve of the Islamic New Year. Meanwhile, the Hijiri year is expected to start from Thursday, August 12, followed by a two-day weekend.

To make the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), another three-day weekend is likely to run from Thursday, October 21, to Saturday, October 23.

The last break for UAE residents will run from Wednesday, December 1, to Saturday, December 4 on the occasion of Commemoration Day and UAE National Day.


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