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UAE Residents May Get A 5-day Break In June for Eid Al Fitr

The next significant holiday is already on the horizon with a potential five-day break in the second week of June to celebrate Arafah Day and Eid Al Adha, as announced by Sheikh Ayaz Houzee, Imam of NGS and Khateeb at Al Manar Islamic Centre.

Eid Al Adha, which follows roughly two months after Eid Al Fitr, aligns with the lunar-based Islamic calendar. This calendar causes the dates of both Eid festivals to shift annually, moving about 10 to 11 days earlier each year. This year, according to the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) and supported by astronomical calculations from Dubai Astronomy Group, Dhul Hijjah 1 is expected to fall on Saturday, June 8.

This places Arafah Day on Sunday, June 16, and Eid Al Adha on Monday, June 17. Residents can expect a break from Sunday, June 16 to Wednesday, June 19, including the preceding Saturday. These dates may be adjusted based on actual moon sightings, as reported by Khaleej Times.

Eid Al Adha, the festival of sacrifice, is a profound observance that commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s (PBUH) readiness to sacrifice his son in obedience to Allah. It is marked by Eid prayers, sharing meals, and the act of Qurbani, where the meat is distributed among family, friends, and the needy, reflecting the core Islamic values of faith, sacrifice, and community support.


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