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UAE Residents to Enjoy Three-Day Public Holiday this Month

UAE residents and workers will enjoy a three-day public holiday later this month to honor the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The official UAE website confirmed that the holiday is scheduled for Friday, September 29, which, when coupled with the weekend, offers residents an extended weekend getaway. This alignment with the weekend affords individuals a prolonged period to relax, connect with family, or perhaps travel locally to commemorate this significant day in the Islamic calendar.

Apart from facilitating a time for reflection and celebration, this extended holiday period is also expected to boost domestic tourism and local businesses. Restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets might witness increased footfall as people take advantage of the long weekend.

Furthermore, residents have another reason to rejoice as they look forward to the end of the year. The upcoming UAE National Day is slated for December 2, marking the 52nd anniversary of the nation’s founding. Notably, this special occasion also falls on a Friday, promising yet another long weekend for the populace.


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