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UAE Residents Told Not To Allow Others To Manage Bank Account

The Abu Dhabi Police have recently warned residents now to allow strangers or even other people to access or use their bank account. The warning covers allowing other people to withdraw, send money from the account to other accounts inside or outside the country as the account holder may face legal repercussions.

Citing a WAM report, Abu Dhabi Police said that a number of people have been found to be victims of drug traffickers who used them to open bank accounts and then asked to use those bank accounts for money transfer.

The report noted that these traffickers deceived the account holders and said transfers made were only for profits earned in normal commercial operations.

However, the authorities discovered that these people exploited bank accounts for their personal interests by transferring funds earned through illicit drug trafficking without the knowledge of the bank account holders.

The bank account holder may have no idea about these operations, but this kind of operation may expose them to drug-trafficking and money-laundering charges.


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