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UAE Says Reports About Africans Being Deported Fake News

Authorities in the UAE have debunked reports and claims online that some African workers are sent back to their home countries.

In a WAM report, Saeed Al Hebsi, Director of the Human Rights Department at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC), said that it’s a false report and just a mere repetition of claims that were previously disproven.

In a statement, Al Hebsi confirmed that the report published by Impact International for Human Rights Policies included repeated allegations that Impact International had previously published in 2021 that the UAE refuted.

The claims are incorrect, Al Hebsi highlighted. The measures that were taken in terms of the arrest and deportation of a limited number of workers were carried out as part of legal procedures and all workers, without exception, are bound by documented legal labor contracts that preserve their rights.

The concerned parties must abide by the terms of these contracts, and any termination of a contractual relationship with the worker must take place in accordance with the requirements set forth in the contracts.

Al Hebsi affirmed that the UAE remains committed to full transparency in dealing with these issues and urges media entities to refer to official statements by the relevant UAE authorities in this regard.

With reports from WAM


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