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UAE Swelters as Summer Heat Soars Above 50°C for the First Time

UAE temperatures surpassed 50°C for the first time this summer, reaching a scorching 50.1°C in the Al Dhafra region on Sunday, July 16. As residents endured the sweltering heat, it marked the highest temperature recorded in the country so far this year. Abu Dhabi city experienced highs of 48°C, while temperatures in Dubai peaked at 46°C in the city and 47.9°C in the desert.

While these temperatures may seem extreme, they fall short of the UAE's record high temperature. The highest temperature ever recorded in the country was a sweltering 52.1°C (125.78°F) in July 2002, setting a scorching milestone that still stands.

For those curious about the hottest month overall in the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS) has analyzed weather station data near Dubai International Airport from 1977 to 2022. Their findings indicate that August consistently emerges as the hottest month in Dubai. The mean temperature, considering both daytime and nighttime, reaches 35.5°C in August, compared to 33.5°C in June and 33.1°C in September.

Furthermore, the maximum temperatures recorded at the Dubai weather station are 48.8°C in August, 48.5°C in July, 47.9°C in June, and 46.1°C in September. The data also reveals a slight variation in humidity levels, with June exhibiting a maximum mean humidity of 75.4%, followed by 72.9% in July, 72.1% in August, and 79% in September. This explains why September can often feel equally oppressive, heat-wise, as the scorching month of August.


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