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UAE To Vaccinate 50% Population In First Quarter of 2021

Almost half a million residents in the UAE have already been vaccinated with the dose against the deadly coronavirus.

According to a spokesperson from the UAE health sector, National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, some 826,301 residents have received the first dose of the vaccine, which is equivalent to 47,000 doses per day, and eight percent of the country’s total population.

“We aim to reach more than 50 percent of the country’s population during the first quarter of this year. This will help us reduce cases in general, reduce critical cases in particular, and control the disease better in the next phase,” Dr. Farida Al Hosani said.

The health authority acknowledged the spike of Covid-19 cases lately in the country.

“Our goal in the next stage is to control the increase in the number of cases by reviewing the precautionary measures applied in establishments and institutions and emphasizing the commitment of all members of society to preventive measures,” Dr. Al Hosani added.


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