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UAE Warns of Impending Heavy Rainfall and Thunderstorms This Week

The National Center for Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted heavy rainfall across the UAE starting from Wednesday evening and continuing into Thursday. This prediction is attributed to the extension of a surface low pressure from the Red Sea, coupled with humid Southeasterly winds expected within this timeframe.

NCM has reported the formation of local convective rainy clouds with a possibility of hail over Eastern areas, extending over some internal and Western areas from Sunday to Wednesday daytime. As Wednesday transitions into Thursday, the country braces for surface low pressure from the Red Sea accompanied by humid Southeasterly winds, potentially leading to moderate to heavy rainfall over scattered areas.

Residents of the UAE are advised to stay vigilant as lightning and thunder are also expected, with a probability of hail over Western, coastal, and some Eastern areas from Wednesday night through Thursday.

Looking ahead, NCM forecasts a decrease in cloud cover on Friday and Saturday, although light to moderate rainfall is expected to persist. Southern and Eastern areas may still experience heavy rainfall during this period.


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