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UAE Worker Fined AED10,000 For Insulting Colleague Through WhatsApp

A young Arab man in the UAE has been ordered to pay a fine worth AED10,000 for sending an insulting message to his colleague at work through WhatsApp message.

According to local reports, the Al Ain Court of First ordered the man to pay the hefty fine for compensation to the plaintiff after he was found guilty of insulting and threatening his colleagues.

His actions violated UAE’s online law.

The complainant, who is also of Arab descent and in his 20s, filed a lawsuit against his colleague at work. He demanded that he pay him AED50,000 in moral and psychological damages for insulting, abusing, and threatening him through voice messages sent to him on the popular messaging app.

He said that his colleague’s messages belittled him and affected him psychologically.

The judge, after hearing both sides, decided that the plaintiff awarded AED10,000 in compensation for the moral and psychological damages.

The defendant was also ordered to shoulder the plaintiff’s legal expenses.


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