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Ube Production Reveals 'Shahada' as Official Entry for Ramadan Film Festival 2023

Ube Production has officially announced its entry, 'Shahada', for the prestigious Ramadan Film Festival taking place this April 2023. Directed by the talented JM Avelino and produced by the renowned Ube Production, the short film promises to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling and the performance of its lead actress, Jhoy Leonor.

Leonor, a well-known personality in the volleyball community in the UAE, takes on the challenge of bringing the story to life in her acting debut.

'Shahada' is a heartfelt tale that explores two intertwining worlds of love and belief. The film's intriguing narrative is expected to resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression, further elevating the status of Ube Production as a leading player in the industry.

The creators of 'Shahada' are no strangers to accolades and recognition. They recently garnered seven nominations at the Emirates Short Film Festival (ESFF) for their previous work, 'Val'. The critically acclaimed film took home two prestigious awards: People's Choice and Original Score, solidifying its place among the best short films of the year.

The Ramadan Film Festival, an annual event celebrating the spirit of the holy month, has become a platform for emerging and established filmmakers alike to showcase their creative prowess. The inclusion of 'Shahada' in this year's lineup is a testament to the quality of work produced by Ube Production and its dedicated team.

As anticipation builds for the Ramadan Film Festival, fans of Ube Production and cinephiles alike eagerly await the debut of 'Shahada'. The film is set to premiere during the festival, where it is expected to be a strong contender for numerous awards and accolades.

With the ongoing success of their films, Ube Production continues to make a significant impact in the world of cinema. 'Shahada' is poised to be yet another milestone in their impressive repertoire, further cementing their legacy in the industry.


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