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VIRAL: Singer Moira Dela Torre Grants Danggit Wish Of OFW In Qatar

Filipina singer Moira Dela Torre has fulfilled the wish of an OFW fan in Qatar, wherein she recently performed.

During her live concert, Moira personally gave the danggit or dried spine foot fish requested by an OFW, whose comment made the rounds on social media.

Before taking over Qatar, the OFW, whose Facebook name is Boy Ulam Lutong Bahay, pleaded with Moira to bring him some danggit and he would pay the amount when she performs in the region. ‘Hanep’ was the only word Moira replied to the OFWs comment.

Days before her concert, Moira gave an update to her Filipino fans. “Kita-kita po tayo jan sa Qatar, dala ko po yung danggit ni Kuya,” she wrote.

During her concert last February 10, 2023 in Qatar, the ‘Kumpas’ singer delivered the dried fish to her fan while she was on stage.

“Amoy danggit lahat ng damit ko dahil sa’yo tapos hindi ka magpapakita,” Moira jested while looking for the her fan whose name is Christian.

During their conversation, Christian revealed that he did not have a chance to go back home for three years because of the pandemic.

“Nay namimiss ka ba sa Pinas?’ she asks.

“Ito [danggit],” Christian said, eliciting laughs from Moira and the audience.

“Sana magustuhan mo yung danggit. Ako po yung nagbalot niyan,” Moira said.


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