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Weather Alert: Dubai Urges Private Sector Employees to Work From Home

In response to unstable weather conditions, all private schools in Dubai are mandated to conduct remote learning on Tuesday, April 16. This decision, announced by Dubai's Crown Prince, follows a similar directive issued by the Emirates School Education Foundation for public schools across the UAE.

Furthermore, government entities in Dubai have been instructed to facilitate remote work for employees as a precautionary measure. Public schools throughout the UAE will also transition to mandatory remote learning on both Tuesday, April 16, and Wednesday, April 17.

Private sector companies operating in regions most affected by fluctuating weather patterns in the UAE have been urged to take precautions, especially in outdoor work environments where suspending operations may pose challenges.

Earlier, the local emergency, crisis, and disaster team in Ras Al Khaimah had opted to shift classes to distance learning for government institutions in the emirate. These measures aim to ensure the safety and well-being of students, employees, and the community amidst adverse weather conditions.


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