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While there are limited flights, these flight attendants help jobless in Saudi

While there are limited international flights due to Covid-19 situation, a group of flight attendants in Saudi Arabia joined forces to help the expats in need, especially those who have been recently displaced.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Rissy May Rodriguez. She recalled sharing a photo of Filipino men in Saudi Arabia scavenging trash for food.

The situation of her countrymen overseas touched her heart, thus she started to ask her fellow Filipinos in the Kingdom to pitch in their extra food or money so they can help the displaced Filipinos.

After asking for help, Rodriguez's fellow flight attendants who are also staying at their apartment reached out to her.

A fundraising drive was conducted online so even Filipinos in the Philippines can help as well.

"In Saudi Arabia, for us na OFW, we are not just having a good time here. May mga taong nagugutom, so in that way, sa platform [social media] na to, we're so happy kasi nagagamit namin siya in the right way," a flight attendant was quoted as saying by The Filipino Times.


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