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Winter In UAE To Officially Start On December 21

It’s winter time again!

The winter in the UAE, according to the Arab Institute for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS), will officially start on Monday, December 21.

AUASS member Ibrahim Al-Jarwan noted that it will exactly start at 2:03pm on the mentioned date.

“Winter begins according to the climatic concept with the beginning of December when the average temperatures in the northern hemisphere get cold,” he added.

With this news, residents can expect longer nights and shorter days as well as many cosmic phenomena.

Meteor showers will also occur around January 4, 2021, as strong wailing showers of up to 120 meteors per hour will appear in the sky.

“In general, the average temperature at the beginning of the winter season is 12 degrees at the minimum and 25 degrees at the maximum in the Arabian Peninsula,” Al Jarwan said.


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