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With the Increase in Covid-19 Cases, Dubai Reopens Dedicated Covid-19 Facility

Dubai has reopened a hospital in the Sonapur area which is a dedicated Covid-19 facility for moderate to severe patients.

It was initially opened by Aster DM in June last year and declared Covid-free in December.

With the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in the country, the healthcare group opened it once again for Covid-19 patients who require oxygen and ventilator support.

“This is completely a 100 percent Covid hospital. What we are dealing with right now is moderate, severe, critical patients who at a minimum require oxygen support,” Dr. Sherbaz Bichu, chief executive of Aster Hospitals, told The National.

He said that the place is dedicated to patients who require not simple but advanced medical support. ‘We know that their chest is bad, so in another two days, they will deteriorate. If we don’t take him in, we may lose the patient, that is the kind of patient we admit,” he added.

On Tuesday, UAE announced it will open field hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients to ease the pressure on other facilities.


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