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World's Largest Indoor Farm Built In Abu Dhabi

UAE has recently built the largest indoor farm in the world in the desert of Abu Dhabi that produces 10,000 tonnes of fresh produce per year of 17.5 hectares and a cultivation area of 160,000 square metres.

The indoor farm, GreenFactory Emirates, was made in partnership between GrowGroup IFS from Barendrecht (The Netherlands) and RainMakers Capital Investment LLC from Abu Dhabi.

It has the world's most advanced indoor growing system from The Netherlands and a combination of vertical and flat farming and solves the normal cultivation restrictions due to extreme climates in regions such as the UAE.

According to a press release issued by both companies, the indoor farm can cultivate high-quality vegetables 100 percent pesticide-free all year round from seeding, harvesting, processing to ready to ear products.

"The private sector plays a vital role in the transition towards more sustainable food systems. Private sector organizations have entrepreneurial traits that drive innovation. They possess the qualities necessary to disrupt existing non-sustainable agricultural systems," Mariam Hareb Almheiri, Minister of State of Food Security said.

The GreenFactory will be saving 95 percent of water consumption as opposed to standard methods of cultivation as well as reducing its Co2 footprint up to 40 percent.


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