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You Can Now Use Your Emirates ID at Dubai Airports To Show Vaccination And PCR Results

Good news for residents flying out of the UAE! You may now use your Emirates ID to show your vaccination status and PCR results.

Announced by Emirates airline during the first day of the Arab Health 2021 in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), this new rule alleviates the need to physically carrying traveler’s vaccination cards and PCR results.

“When the passenger comes to the check-in counter, they will be asked to scan their Emirates ID and that will show on our screens if their vaccination is complete – means if they have taken both the doses; and if their PCR test result is valid (has been done within the stipulated time before traveling). This will do away with the need of physically carrying their vaccination cards or PCR result reports, making the check-in process faster and smoother,” Olha Solod, an Emirates airline agent, was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times.

Soon after the ID is scanned, it discloses the name of the vaccine taken by the passenger, the date when the second dose was given, and also the place where the traveler received his or her dose.

Though it’s not a mandatory thing to do when traveling outside the country, it is a smart option for them to breeze through the check-in counters. This saves the time and effort of the airport staff.

The airline’s system is only accepting three DHA-approved vaccinations, namely Pfizer, Sinopharm, and Astrazeneca.

For tourists who do not have an Emirates ID, they can scan their passports, and if their vaccination is DHA-approved, the system will reflect that.

“If not, then they will have to present their vaccination card or online link to their card. Their PCR test will also be reflected through the passport scan,” Solod added.


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