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Calling Outdoor Enthusiasts! New 10km Hiking Trail Opens In Dubai

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s a new trek waiting for you in Dubai. A 10km hiking trail has recently been unveiled in Mushrif National Park, offering adventurers a fresh way to experience the city’s natural beauty.

Mushrif National Park, known for its vastness and the iconic Ghaf tree forest, introduced the free-to-use trail in June. The trail is designed to cater to everyone, from novices to veteran hikers, and boasts a plethora of amenities. Along the trail, hikers can find restrooms, clear signages, resting spots, and even sculptures. In addition, various elements like stairways, bridges, and slopes have been incorporated to enhance the viewing experience of the park’s diverse landscape and wildlife.

However, there are specific guidelines in place for the safety and preservation of the park. Activities like setting fires, cooking, smoking, camping, and overnight stays in the forest are strictly prohibited. Additionally, children aged 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult during their hike.

Mushrif Park, which opened its gates in 1974, is not just any ordinary park. Spread across more than 5.25 square kilometers, it houses over 70,000 trees and even offers a drive-through experience. Apart from the hiking trail, the park also features walking, cycling, and jogging tracks, swimming pools, and sports courts. One of its standout attractions is the Aventura Nature Adventure Park, set amid the Ghaf trees, which boasts the region’s longest series of tree-top zip lines and more than 85 unique challenges.

Visitors can also enjoy various amenities like children’s play areas, barbecue spots, restaurants, and even an equestrian center. The park’s World Village, displaying 13 models of traditional houses from around the globe, including a German Hausbarn and a Thai house, adds a unique cultural touch to the experience.

Entry to Mushrif National Park costs Dhs3 for pedestrians and Dhs10 for cars, with payments accepted via the NOL card. However, tickets for the Aventura Nature Adventure Park are charged separately.


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