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Creative Noon Hoopers Stay Undefeated, Beat Maga Express at Women's Unity Game Season 3

In a thrilling matchup at Sportsbay Karama, Dubai, the Creative Noon Hoopers extended their unbeaten streak to six games after securing a solid victory against the Maga Express Team in the ongoing Women's Unity Game Season 3. The game concluded with the Creative Noon Hoopers showcasing their dominant form, maintaining their position as the top contender in the tournament.

The spotlight of the game was firmly on Ignacio of the Creative Noon Hoopers, who was named Player of the Game. Ignacio’s stellar performance included scoring 10 points, grabbing 2 rebounds, and dishing out 2 assists, a pivotal contribution that fueled her team's triumph over their rivals. Her leadership on the court and sharp gameplay were instrumental in driving the Hoopers to victory.

The match began with both teams displaying intense competitive spirit, but it was the Creative Noon Hoopers who quickly took the lead, demonstrating their cohesive team play and strategic prowess. As the game progressed, the Hoopers' defense stymied the Maga Express Team, limiting their scoring opportunities and controlling the pace of the game.


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