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Doctors in UAE removes record-breaking 30.5kg tumor from 63-year-old Filipino

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC), a leading healthcare facility in the UAE, has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully removing a tumor of unprecedented size. The hospital, renowned for its expertise in serious and complex care, conducted a landmark operation to extract a 30.5kg tumor, an exceptional occurrence in medical practice.

The 1.5-hour surgical procedure, led by Dr. Muhieddine Seoud and SSMC’s obstetrics and gynecological (OB-GYN) surgical team, was executed with precision and skill. Despite the rarity of ovarian tumors of this magnitude, the operation concluded triumphantly with the tumor being extracted intact. Subsequently, the patient, a 63-year-old limousine driver from the Philippines, is now on the path to a full recovery.

The patient’s journey began with severe abdominal pain, prompting admission to SSMC via the Emergency Department (ED). Enduring years of discomfort, the patient sought medical attention on March 23, ultimately leading to the groundbreaking surgery on the same day.

Dr. Seoud, treating consultant physician and chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at SSMC, expressed the significance of the case, stating, “Conditions and tumors of this size are very uncommon in the region. Indeed, this is the largest tumor presented and removed at SSMC and one of the largest recorded in the UAE.”

Virginia Asuncion, the patient, expressed gratitude towards the medical team, emphasizing the exceptional care and support received throughout her journey. Dr. Abdulqader Almessabi, consultant gastroenterologist and acting chief medical officer at SSMC, highlighted the hospital's patient-centric approach, emphasizing personalized care backed by cutting-edge technology and expertise.


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