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Dubai-based Pinay Media Creator Wins Mustella Gender Role Photo Contest for Challenging Stereotype

Dubai-based Filipina, a talented photographer & media content creator, Allen, has won the Mustela Gender Roles in Families' photovoice project with her powerful photograph challenging gender stereotypes. Allen's submission features her son's basketball toys, along with cookware, as she highlights the importance of life skills over gender roles.

The competition, open to working mothers in the UAE, aimed to explore the diverse experiences of mothers and fathers in families, particularly as working parents. Allen's winning entry captures the essence of breaking gender stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive society.

In her photo description, Allen writes, "Even though basketball is a male-dominant sport, I make sure he knows sports are for anyone who wants to play." She also emphasizes the importance of teaching her son house chores at a young age, stating that "it's important that he knows that household chores and cooking are not just for women, they are life skills to be learned by everyone.

Allen hopes that her son will grow up to be a person who believes that one can take any part, play any sport, and choose any color as long as it feels right to their heart.

This powerful photograph challenges stereotypes and highlights the importance of teaching children valuable life skills regardless of gender. Allen's entry encourages open discussions and promotes a more inclusive society.


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