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Dubai Motorcyclist Arrested for Dangerous Stunts, Fined AED50,000

A motorcyclist was arrested and fined Dh50,000 by the Dubai Police after a video captured him swerving dangerously through traffic and performing stunts on a major road, the police confirmed on Friday.

The video, believed to be from the biker's own camera, showcases the rider speeding and weaving between cars on his superbike, posing a significant threat to road safety.

This arrest follows a recent incident where another driver was fined the same amount for reckless behavior on the road.

Under Dubai's revised traffic laws, driving recklessly or in a manner that endangers lives or properties attracts a hefty fine of Dh50,000. The same amount is levied for running a red light. More severe offenses, like road racing, can result in a penalty of Dh100,000.

Earlier this week, another motorist faced the Dh50,000 fine after being arrested for dangerously tailgating and overtaking on the busy Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road. The police have released footage highlighting the dangerous maneuvers of the driver in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of road safety.


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