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Dubai Police Announces New Device That Accurately Identifies Suspect During Investigation

Dubai Police has announced the introduction of a new biometric identification device that can accurately identify potential suspects during investigations. The device, which supports the collection of palm and fingerprint data, as well as conducting facial and iris recognition, was unveiled at the Dubai World Police Summit.

The electronic walk-through full-body scanner is equipped with 25 high-quality cameras that collect and process biometric data while a suspect walks for 20 meters. The system analyzes body movements, steps, and facial dimensions, comparing data with other suspects who share similar features to identify potential suspects.

The new system helps to provide solid evidence against suspects who wear masks and gloves, cover surveillance cameras, or in cases where there is poor vision at the crime scene.

According to Captain Mohamed Shafee Hamad, an expert from the Forensic Evidence Department at Dubai Police, the department is seeking to utilize multiple forensic biometric systems to reveal the identity of suspects.

The device helps overcome challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein suspects avoided fingerprinting and wore face masks. In 2022, Dubai Police used biometric solutions to solve 3,200 cases.

The new device was instrumental in identifying and arresting a 43-year-old Russian suspect who entered the country on a visit visa and carried out thefts at 25 ATM machines, withdrawing over Dh500,000 from accounts belonging to people worldwide. The suspect was identified and arrested in less than 15 days and referred to public prosecution.

In another case, the police managed to identify a suspect who was disguised as a woman and wearing an Abaya to break into a flat and steal Dh12 million. The investigation team used forensic gait analysis and body measurements, after analyzing CCTV footage from the crime scene.

Dubai Police is committed to developing investigation solutions, practices, and techniques to counter emerging crime methods. The new device marks a significant step forward in the department’s efforts to utilize the latest technology to solve crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.Dubai Police announces new device that accurately identifies suspect during investigation.


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