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Dubai Workers Honored For Quick Response During Vehicle Fire Incident

Workers at an Enoc fuel station in Dubai have been commended for their quick and efficient response to a recent vehicle fire incident. The team’s swift action helped avoid what could have potentially been a major disaster.

A dramatic video released by the Dubai Police shows the moment when a tempo truck drove into the station, possibly for refuelling, with flames visible near its left tire. Despite the danger, the alert station attendants rushed toward the fire with extinguishers in hand, working tirelessly to put out the flames.

As seen in the surveillance footage captured from various angles, the driver appears to be unaware of the fire as he disembarks from the vehicle. Meanwhile, the dedicated workers make repeated attempts to douse the fire, preventing it from escalating and reaching the refuelling pumps.

Following the incident, officers from the Lehbab Police Station visited the heroic team to express their gratitude. Lieutenant-Colonel Rashid Muhammad Salem, the director of the police station, praised the workers for their professionalism and presented them with certificates of appreciation.

“Their proactive move averted a major incident,” Lieutenant-Colonel Salem acknowledged during the presentation ceremony. The workers were reportedly filled with “pride and joy” over the recognition they received from the Dubai Police.

Despite the release of the harrowing footage, police have yet to provide further details regarding the cause of the fire or the exact date of the incident.


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