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Royal Brunei Wins Over Wolves In Epic Women’s Volleyball League In UAE

Team Royal Brunei walked away triumphantly from the Salah Aldeen Sports Club complex after winning over Wolves in the Epic Women’s Volleyball League earlier today during the First Game, October 1, 2022.

Both possess strong coordination and teamwork, Royal Brunei and Wolves was determine to won the tournament. However, team Royal Brunei manifested their positive attitude and flexibility inside the court and slammed their opponent in the best-of-three game.

SET 1 : 15 - 3 by Royal Brunei Airlines & SET 2 : 15 - 3 by Royal Brunei Airlines. A two straight WIN for RBA WV Team.

See the schedule for tomorrow Next Game for all the EPIC Women's Volleyball Participants :

Event is followed with Semi-Finals & Finals in the evening on 2nd of October 2022.

To know more visit PPM Official Facebook Page or website :

PHOTO Credits : Creative Event Management


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