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Team Pilipinas UAE Mens Triumphs in Ajman's 3X3 Basketball Tournament

In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, Team Pilipinas UAE Mens emerged victorious in the highly anticipated 3X3 Basketball Tournament held in Ajman. Led by Coach Ron Sanchez, the team not only claimed the championship title but also earned the admiration of spectators and fellow competitors alike.

Taking to Facebook to express his elation, Coach Ron Sanchez shared his pride in the team's achievement, highlighting the significance of their victory beyond the cash prize and trophy. He emphasized the respect garnered from peers and organizers for their exemplary sportsmanship, dedication, and cohesive play.

Acknowledging the efforts of all involved, Coach Sanchez extended his gratitude to the Ajman Police and organizers for orchestrating a successful tournament. The event, which showcased exceptional athleticism and camaraderie, further solidified Ajman's status as a hub for sporting excellence.


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